SCS Spring Meeting 2022

The SCS Spring Meeting is a one-day symposium and provides a high quality program with national and international speakers of a certain topic. The topic of the 2022 edition is 'Biosupramolecular Chemistry'.


  • Chris Hunter, Cambridge University
  • Helma Wennemers, ETH Zurich
  • Tanja Weil, MPI Mainz
  • Fabian von Rohr, University of Zürich (Werner Prize Winner 2022)
  • Hanadi Sleiman, McGill University
  • Andreas Herrmann, Firmenich
  • Wilhelm Huck, Radboud University
  • Dean Toste, UC Berkeley
  • Don Hilvert, ETH Zurich

Meeting Chair

Prof. Nicolas Winssinger, University of Geneva
Prof. Stefan Matile, University of Geneva
Prof. Sascha Hoogendoorn, University of Geneva

Symposium Sekretariat

SCS Head Office

+41 31 306 92 92